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The Story of Dorothea & Vasilis
...the story of Yaxe Accessories

Welcome to our website.
We are a small family business from Panagia of Thassos. We are Dorothea and Vassilis,designers and crafters who a few years ago decided to change career paths and our small printing house slowly transformed into a workshop where all ideas come to life. Our love for Thassos and the idea to create products from olive wood and marble proved to be quite viable. Friends and family gave us strength to continue and we did it with a strange
brand. The "Yaxe".

But what exactly is “Yaxe”?
It is a verbal idiom, a folk saying, of the villages of Thassos. A word that grandmother Eleni, our grandmother, used to say quite often and means "Let's listen". Let's Listen to the news, but mostly the spicy news. The gossips.
Our “Yaxe” has something special. It has soul and body. Such a small word became a beautiful brand and an even more beautiful logo. It is followed by a story and continues its own ...handmade unique story.
But enough with the name... let's move on to the products...
...Vasilis, I make bags, Dorothea jewelry and little Stavros ...supervises us.
Unique handmade bags from Thassos olive wood and Italian authentic leather. Simple bags that every woman wants to include in her collection.
With over 15 leather colors and several design options, none of them will leave you unsatisfied. Tote bags, classic clutches, small clutches, belt bags and the brand new top handle bags are what a woman needs from the beginning of a simple day and a business lunch to the end of a wild night party. Bags that captivate the eyes and are uniquely special... like all of you.

And if you were excited by the bags ... where to see what Dorothea manufactures. I will briefly mention some of the materials he uses to create Thassos marble, Thassos olive wood, hypoallergenic cement, polymer clay, acrylics, leather, plywood, semi-precious stones, lava stones, cold porcelain and more... Creations in Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and sets that leave you speechless open.
Finally, let me tell you that in our physical stores in Panagia and Limena, Thassos, you will find other amazing Greek artisans such as the handmade glasses "Zylo" from Syros, the durable canvas bags "Burban" from Serres, the waterproof bags "Box of sunshine" and "Lazy Dayz" from Athens and Thessaloniki respectively and for the closing I left you their last addition-touch this year. The renowned bag company "Thiros" from Athens and the
wooden watches "Bobo Bird" & "Bewel".

So all that's left is for you to become a member of the family, a Smiley Yaxe Customer,and get something truly handmade and made with lots and lots of love. Something from "Yaxe Accessories" by Dorothea Foustelis and Vassilis Fotiadis.
Something you will remember forever.
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If you want to know what's happened before that...
Our story begins somewhere in 2006 when we made the big decision to leave our jobs as employees and dive into the deep waters of the owners of our own business (printing shop) based in Ano Toumpa, Thessaloniki.
Our small printing shop started and the comunication with our customers, their advertising and promotion their products, gave us daily smiles. The crisis of 2010 and the problems that became from this was a reason decided to return to our place, close to our families, to our childhood friends, to the beautiful island of Thassos.

Life in Thassos as you understand it had nothing to do with all the stress of the city.
Parking, banks, transportation were no longer problems. Everyday life, friends and the natural beauty of Thassos had a positive impact on us and the creativity that had died out with the rhythms of the city has sprung up as a passion for engaging and acquainted with the pure materials of our island. Olive, pine, golden sand and white marble are some of the materials we used and admired.
...We arrived in 2015 where (parallel with the printing shop) we released our first
collection of Thassos marble as souvenirs. While working with the olive tree we found that we could have an alternative proposal for the tourists visiting our beautiful island. Always focused on innovation and avoiding bad repetitive inputs, we attended seminars and worked with innovative materials such as hypoallergenic cement and techniques such as decoupage and macrame. Finaly after a lot of failures we had something. We had our own products.
Gradually we left the prints behind and constantly improving our products, which nowstarted to have a big popularity, we reached 2019 where we opened the 1st "Yaxe
Accessories" in Panagia of Thassos. A little later, in 2021, the 2nd one came to the Thassos town. At the same time, the smiles of your faces and positive comments for our stores,give us tremendous strength to continue and looking for the innovative, different,handmade that will make everyone happy.

Thank you for your visit at our site and for every smile you give us.

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